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You can meet with Reverend Michael, face-to-face here in Cadott, WI. or on Facetime or Skype! and free of charge before you make any decision. We want you to be totally comfortable, at ease and confident that you can trust us with one of the most visible and critically important parts of your ceremony and marriage. Even, if your wedding is being planned many months from now, we would suggest that we set up this meeting as soon as possible, so that you can rest assured that you have the right officiant for your special day. Most couples Book me up to a year in advance so don't wait!!
The online Ceremony Planner allows you to be able to use our Extensive List of Ceremony examples. 32 different catagories of Ceremony Examples are provided, from Opening Words and Introductions all the way down to Presentation of the Couple!. You can also use your own! Cut and Paste, and also delete, Be able to see before your very own eyes your ceremony come to life! And the Planner stores this for later to be able to edit at a momentes notice! you will be able to see a preview at anytime! Easy and Stress Free! Of Course i can help!
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Most couples overlook the fact that the minister is the most important part of the is the most important day of your life. you will devote alot of time and energy to make this a day to cherish..all the money spent on Gowns, formal wear, flowers and pictures, cakes, reception, music and chapel rental..
Because of these things require so much time, it is possible to overlook what I call the MAIN Event. the Wedding Ceremony itself, it's the part you and your guests will remember the most. A wedding is much like a Broadway production. You may have the best actors, best costumes, best sets, and best music, but if the script is mediocre, the play will flop.
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You can get married just about anywhere! Park, Farm, Barn, Beach, at Home, even in a Church, as Reverend Michael is certified to marry in some Churches.
Reverend Michael has been an Ordained Minister since 2003, He also went to School for Ministry unlike any other officiate he is also certified in Pre-Marriage Counseling, The same as other ministers in Brick and Motar Churches, and holds the Office of Wisconsin Notary and also certified to preform marriages in some churches.
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Reverend Michael and his wife were so amazing to work with! We contacted him after our officiant canceled last minute! He was so polite and helped us put together our perfect ceremony! I would highly recommend him! He was perfect!
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