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Most couples overlook the fact that the minister is the most important part of the is the most important day of your life. you will devote alot of time and energy to make this a day to cherish..all the money spent on Gowns, formal wear, flowers and pictures, cakes, reception, music and chapel rental..

Because of of things things require so much time, it is possible to overlook what I call the MAIN Event. the Wedding Ceremony itself, it's the part you and your guests will remember the most. A wedding is much like a Broadway production. You may a have the best actors, best costumes, best sets, and best music, but if the script is mediocre, the play will flop.

While these other elements are important, the "Script" must be the most important element for your wedding ceremony to be a success.

Most couples rely on the justice of the peace, Minister, Priest  or rabbi to select the words for their special moment, but do you let the sales consultant select your gown?, the baker select your cake?, or the musician select your music? Of Course not!

Then why not choose the words you want spoken at your wedding day and this is what I do differently than any other cookie cutter officiant. You ceremony should reflect you and your future husbands values,  morels and vision of your future together.

This should be your ceremony..

Contact me as soon as you can to save a date when we can plan the most important part of your ceremony, the Script!

Your Wedding is Important!

The price between a "cheap" officiant and a professional isn't more than the cost of a couple of dinners. As in everything, if something is good, it's not cheap, and if something is cheap, it's probably not very good. Your wedding ceremony will set the stage and tone for your entire celebration and we want what you want, a marriage and ceremony that starts out not just okay, but great!

Utmost care to makes things go smoothly.

Get Married Outside!

You can meet with Reverend Michael, face-to-face and free of charge before you make any decision. We want you to be totally comfortable, at ease and confident that you can trust us with one of the most visible and critically important parts of your ceremony and marriage. Even, if your wedding is being planned many months from now, we would suggest that we set up this meeting as soon as possible, so that you can rest assured that you have the right officiant for your special day. Click here to have Reverend Michael call you to give you an opportunity to set up your free personal introductory meeting.

Face to Face and personal service

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Thank you Reverend Michael, we had an amazing Wedding with you!

Reverend Michael is the Man! Wow! My parents just loved you!

As a sister and Mother of the Groom, we wanted to say Thank you sooo… much! Cathy and Mom

Reverend Michael

I know this has taken a long time, but Ken and I want to thank you for making our Wedding Day extra special. It was a fantastic day and had many compliments on the ceremony.

Ken and I are doing great, and are loving the married life and can't imagine a day without each other. We are expecting our first baby (A boy) around Halloween and we couldn't be more happy.. We have a lot of exciting things to look forward to, as we expand our family and also hope to sell our townhouse and buy a house that we can raise our family in.

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Thank you again.

Reverend Michael

We were excited to meet with you and Yes we did get a copy of our contract. You are everything we are looking for in someone to marry us. :)  Meeting you made us even more excited about our wedding!

We provide many choices to make your ceremony unique and personal.

Our Unique Wedding Services...  Personal and Professional

Josh and I just wanted to say how much my mother was so impressed with you, you greeted all the guests and at the end you congratulated both Family's in the Front row, it could have not gone better, better than expected ..Thank you again!

Thank you SoooooMuch Reverend Michael.

Here's what our couples have to say ...

Since 2003 We  have specialized in traditional and non-denominational wedding ceremonies at the location of your choice "Anywhere in Wisconsin". The key to a great wedding ceremony is one that uniquely displays who you are, the very substance and heart of the bride and groom - your love.

Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable and important days in your life. Imagine your ceremony... beautiful, captivating, sincere, fun, alive, romantic, celebrating the future, embracing some tradition,... Your Love, Your Hearts, Your Wedding. Together we will design a spectacular ceremony that your family and guests will remember forever.

Incorporating elements in the ceremony that celebrate your family, your history, your love story, your future, and your legacy make your wedding distinctively you. If we together can bring your guests through tears, laughter and celebration, to the pinnacle of your hearts and relationship, then we have succeeded with excellence to make your wedding something that you and everyone will cherish eternally.

Our desire is to show honor, respect and reverence in the most important ceremony of your life as we celebrate the sacred union of two people forever in love... and to do it in a way that is comfortable, peaceful, calm, personal and encouraging.

Each service includes a custom written mini-sermon (traditionally called the wedding "foundation") that is personalized for each bride and groom, and includes some of the high points of your own romantic "love story".

While we believe that faith and God - the creator of marriage - are essential parts of a wedding ceremony and moreover the marriage... our focus is not upon religion, but upon relationships. Our passion is to celebrate personal relationships in a way that honors God and respects your entire family... generations past (great grandparents, grandparents, parents) and generations future...forever!

While you may find it difficult to find a pastor, reverend, priest, or officiant that wants to do weddings outside of the church, Reverend Michael is willing, prepared, and excited to provide professional wedding services at the location of your dreams. He is willing because we believe that your love can be honored anywhere you choose to have your wedding. He is prepared because he has lots of outdoor experience, sound equipment and ceremony components that are designed for weddings in all locations.


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