Our ceremony was beautiful! His ceremony planner was extremely helpful, we wanted a simple ceremony but we were still able to customize it to ourselves and our story with the many examples that were provided. We received many compliments on our ceremony, couldn't have asked for anything better! Reverend Michael definitely knows what he is doing.


Bride, 06/03/2017 @ 3:30pm

Incredible people-Rev.Michael & Brenda we're so organized, so kind, and they helped make our wedding perfect. Michael responded immediately to any questions I had, included details and suggestions, and walked me through everything that needed to get done. With all the stress that comes with planning a wedding, having Michael there to help with the ceremony (especially his ceremony planner and suggestions!!) was a life saver! Future brides- I highly highly recommend them, and have no idea what I would've done without Michaels help! We had the ceremony of our dreams thanks to them. Thank you both!!

Sarah Terry

Bride, June 2nd, 2017 at 3:00

They helped the rehearsal and the wedding day run very smooth and their website is very helpful as well for the day of and the information about changing your name and so much more. They were great at communicating about meeting times and even sent out much needed reminders to help us along the way! I would recommend them with a 5 star rating:)

Kathlena Taylor

Bride, 05/20/2017

Reverend Michael did a fantastic job with our ceremony. I had many family and friends come up to me and said how wonderful they thought he was! He was so easy to work with, listened to what you want, and was very professional. His ceremony planner tool is very nice to have - I think it helps you really personalize your ceremony and the point(s) you want delivered. I would absolutely recommend Reverend Michael!!

Alayna Corrick

Bride, 3/11/17 @ 3pm

What a wonderful man! Reverend Michael was extremely professional and courteous. I loved his laid-back style and truly felt we made a friend during our wedding planning. I highly recommend him to any couple looking for a great officiant!


Reverend Michael did such an amazing job officiating our wedding, he was very professional from the beginning and made sure everything was very organized, and made things a lot less stressful for us! Him and his wife were very kind and made everything very easy for us. Before the wedding day he made sure to take the time to make sure everything was organized and in order! And he was a very easy person to communicate with! I would and will definitely recommend him to anyone!


Reverend Michael and his wife were so amazing to work with! We contacted him after our officiant canceled last minute! He was so polite and helped us put together our perfect ceremony! I would highly recommend him! He was perfect!


The Reverend Michael officiated my wife and I's wedding this past Sunday in Cadott, Wisconsin. Reverend was a true professional and took the time to find out about us as a couple so as to highlight our journey and futures together. While our wedding at Rock Fest was a unique experience for Karol and I, Reverend Michael was awesome! I would recommend anyone in the area who is planning on getting married to speak with Michael about his professional services. Thanks again Reverend for an incredible day!


I highly recommend Reverend Michael for ur wedding... thank u for making our wedding day awesome!!!!


My wedding day was a quick decision to move it ahead based on getting paper work done for insurance purposes! Reverend Michael and his wife were very lovely and caring in making sure it was beautiful and still very special in a short amount of time. That meant a lot to me!